Are you experiencing memory loss?
We have a free course and research study that may help.
Want to improve your memory and the memory of others?
Participate, learn from, and help others in a free 12-week online workshop
Interested in learning how healthy habits can improve your memory?
Join our study and help yourself and others with mild to moderate memory loss

Welcome to the MOTION Study!

Are you 55 or older and experiencing mild-to-moderate memory loss?

Do you live in either the San Francisco or Los Angeles area?

Are you interested in taking a fully online course twice a week for 12 weeks?

If so, we would love you to join our 

Multi-domain Online Therapeutic Investigation Of Neurocognition 

(MOTION)  Study

We are conducting a research study comparing three different online behavioral interventions aimed at improving function and quality of life in people with mild to moderate memory loss.

For 12 weeks, participants will participate in a bi-weekly, online course focusing on one of the following topics:

Mature couple practicing Tai Chi in their home

Tai Chi

Women practicing mindful movement outdoors


Mindful Movement Course

Items related to health including fruits and vegetables, weights, and a blood pressure monitor

Health and Wellness Education Course


In addition, participants will attend 3 in-person assessments at either UCLA or the San Francisco VA where we will evaluate physical and mental function. The first and second assessments will also include a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan.